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Changing Seasons and Staying Raw!: Nourishing Broth
Broth. It’s so humble, simple, and sustaining. I’ve been making this warm and soothing broth and soup for lunch or dinner that’s so delicious as the season changes with fall nipping at our heels. And it’s living food too, with all the enzymes intact to rebuild and rejuvenate!

Keeping the Faith: Chunky Tomato-Corn Chowder
Enjoy this super chunky, thick, and yummy meal that is made in a snap using the freshest of ripe tomatoes, juicy-raw organic corn, and spicy seasonings. Dig in and savor this hearty chowder served either warmed, or chilled for a couple of hours, to beat the summer heat.

Janet's Interview!: Zucchini - Sundried Tomato Bisque
This is a thick and yummy, mildly sweet and filling bisque that’s great to whip up for cold weather days - rich, hearty flavors and spicy heat!

Fresh Herbs: Savory Noodle Soup
For the base, we made a tomato soup-sauce with garlic, olive oil and herbs. Then we add in the other ingredients. The herb mix of choice is Bouquet Garni, a classic blend made from parsley, thyme, and bay. For a little indulgence we top the soup off with a few spoonfuls of "sour cream", made from blended avocado, cashews, lemon juice, and lemon zest.

Surprise Perception: Spicy Corn Chowder
Sun infused corn and tomatoes make a luscious, thick corn chowder with beautiful color. This chowder really fills us up and it's great to get really full from something that's not cooked.

Synthesis: Spinach, Avocado, Basil Soup
This beautiful green soup is quite different with a delightful, unique taste. If we'd had it in a restaurant we'd have been amazed. It's very satisfying, with delicate flavors and a smooth and creamy texture.

We Are the World: Warming Tomato Soup
Here's a no-cook recipe for delicious soup, heated enough to warm the body, but not too much to loose precious enzymes.

Healing Against All Odds: Thai Style Soup
Yummy Thai Style soup is a delightful soup that can be warmed, eaten at room temperature, or chilled for a cooling treat on hot days. It's spicy, richly flavored, and nutritious-and its secret ingredient comes from fresh lemongrass. Serve as is, or with salads, breads, or a sprouted grain or seed dish, such as quinoa with mangos and hot peppers, or soaked sunflower seeds with ginger and miso.

Simplifying Life: Warmed Miso Soup
Now that the weather has turned cold, bowls of soothing and strengthening miso soup warm our bodies and spirits. It's so easy to put a tablespoon of miso into a bowl with shredded veggies, and pour warmed, or hot water on top. Stir, and there you go!

Language Translations: Beautiful Guacamole Soup
Guacamole Soup is special enough for company. It's thick, velvety smooth, with a beautiful life affirming green color, and is heavily garnished with diced veggies for yummy taste and texture.

A Week in Hawaii: Vibrant Gazpacho
Cooling gazpacho soup was made possible by the a of tomatoes, cucumber, and peppers from the bountiful garden of a friend. We've found that the trick to making delicious, sweet, gazpacho is using lots of ripe tomatoes.

Fermentation Gone Wild!: Fortifying Fall Soup
This delicately flavored, pureed soup, is a soothing blend of veggies and miso, with unusual flavor from a Moroccan seasoning.

Loving Food: Invigorating Raw Borscht Soup
An awesome raw carrot - apple - celery - beet soup that can be made in a few minutes. It never fails to energize us, or to fortify our bodies on those tired days or if our immune systems feel "on the edge".

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