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Flower Essences II: Apple Nut Crumble with Warmed Blueberry Sauce
Here’s a delicious, not too sweet dish to serve for dessert, or when friends come for tea, or for a special breakfast if you enjoy fruit in the morning. It would also make a lovely alternative dessert for a holiday feast.

New Beginnings: Almond Blueberry Cookies
These are "seriously good!", especially if eaten fresh from the dehydrator, bringing back childhood memories of hot cookies straight from the oven. The blueberries get soft and juicy and the almonds, walnuts, blueberries, cinnamon, and dates, provide the perfect chewy background for bursts of blueberry goodness!

Healing: PearsWith Ginger-Date Almond Cream
These gorgeous red pears showed up in the market, and we had to bring some home. To create a delightful meal, I whipped up a batch of this thick, yoghurt-esque cream made from soaked almonds, ginger, and dates, blended to creamy deliciousness, and topped with slivers of lemon peel.

Finding Joy: Strawberry Banana Sorbet
This yummy fruit sorbet has the smoothest texture that just melts in our mouths. It’s made from frozen strawberries and bananas, whipped up in the food processor, and topped with a few honey-glazed walnuts to add delightful crunch.

Pure Raw Inspiration!: Fruit Sorbet
Beautiful layers of blended berries and nut cream combine for a memorable dessert or snack that's perfect for special occasions.

Saying Goodbye to My Father: Apple-Pear Sauce
Made with pears and apples, it comes out super smooth and delicious. Add in some dates or raisins, a few walnuts or cashews, and some extra cinnamon sprinkled on top for a light, nourishing breakfast or snack.

Making Progress: Mango Pudding
This has got to be one of our all time favorite dishes. It's thick, luscious, gorgeous, and tastes like ambrosia. Dig into mounds of velvety smooth mango pudding.

Incremental Changes: Walnut-Raisin Nutcakes
This mouth-watering recipe can be made into either cakes or cookies. With sliced banana and a berry sauce drizzled on top, you’ve got an awesome dessert. We get a frozen berry mix, so all we have to do is thaw the berries out, and blend them into a sauce.

Feeding Our Friends: Holiday Tartlets
These tartlets are a real treat for Christmas morning, or a special dessert. We love all of these - Persimmon, Pear, Apple, and Cranberry.

Creative Cycles: Cranberry Juice, Sauce, and Dessert!
It's cranberry season, and these healthy, tart berries can be eaten in many ways. Right now we're enjoying them in juice with apples and pears; as a beautiful holiday sauce; and as a topping for a light dessert of sliced pears.

Unfolding: Deep Dish Pudding Pie
Normally, our traditional anniversary pie is made with blueberries, and when we lived on the island we would eat the pie on the beach. This year we didn't have any blueberries on hand, but we did have one mango, and some nectarines. So the decision was made, and a new pie was born. The crust had a butterscotch flavor which complemented the fruit perfectly.

Make It So: Almond Butter Coconut Truffles
When a craving comes for a little taste of sweetness, these truffles can be whipped up in five minutes for a yummy treat. Simple ingredients make them so easy to prepare: shredded coconut, crunchy almond butter, and honey.

From Gourmet To Simplicity: Ginger Applesauce
Make fresh applesauce any time of the day with this simple recipe. The ginger adds heat and spiciness, raisins add chewiness, and the apples are loaded with texture and fiber. The fresh orange juice squeezed on top adds a wonderful, almost exotic flavor.

Black Stallions: Almond Persimmon Cookies
These cookies have a delicate flavor which provides a perfect base for a mouth-watering, delicious blueberry sauce that's heated on the stove and then spooned on top. Serve on pretty plates or bowls, and enjoy every last bite!

The West Side: Delicious Quick Fruit Salad
We bought blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and cherries, and made the simplest, most delectable salad just by rinsing them and placing them in a bowl. What could be an easier, lazy summertime dish? Enjoy for breakfast, a snack, or a light meal any time.

Seeds For Life!: Strawberry Pudding
What a gift - real, organic, sweet, gorgeous strawberries, not pumped up on chemicals, or laden with pesticides! These berries have made up for being strawberry deprived!

Pure Joy: Strawberries and Fruit Soup
Here's a refreshing and simple recipe that will start the day on a high note - strawberries! The berries are perfect as they are, cut into bite size pieces, or eaten whole. We enjoy eating them this way, or sprinkled on top of a sensuously delicious and surprisingly filling fruit soup - which is perfect for breakfast, a light meal, snack, or dessert.

Moving too Fast: Raspberries and Cream
We picked raspberries this week, plump and glowing, from the garden of our friends, Ellie and Eric. After gobbling up a great many, we couldn't resist making a rich banana cashew cream to have with these succulent fruits for our breakfast the next day.

Raw Food Then and Now: Pears with Nectarine Sauce
Bartlett pears are back in season, and nectarines are still to be enjoyed. We teamed these two juicy fruits together, putting a little spin on the presentation by making a luscious sauce from the nectarines that was spooned on top of the pears.

Cravings: Nectarine-Peach Pudding
Peaches and nectarines are some of summer's great pleasures, and we've been blessed to have a wonderful crop this year. This luscious pudding can be frozen for 2+ hours, so that an icy crust forms on the top for a real cool down on blistering hot days. Or, enjoy the pudding at room temperature for a delicious, tangy-sweet snack or dessert, made in minutes.

Being Good to Ourselves: Holiday Persimmon Pie
Persimmon pie is easy to make, and very pretty. The blended fruit makes a glistening, satiny, orange-colored filling which delights the eye. This pie can be a delicious, light, egg-free substitute for pumpkin pie.

Co-creation: Apple Mincemeat Pie
We used our nut crust in a regular pie plate, and filled it with a mincemeat fruit and spice filling for an amazingly delicious and rich pie, made sinfully good with cashew cream! A small serving is very filling. Refrigerate leftovers - it's great the next day as the flavors meld.

Embracing Essence: Macaroon Snow Cookies!
These are the yummiest! Crunchy, but not too sweet, with a rich carob flavor—a real treat that is good for us! We made these macaroons after snow had dusted the ground, and we dubbed them "snow cookies".

The Digestive Garden: Lemon Cookies
Don't let these nut cookies' mild mannered appearance fool you - the bright lemony flavor leaps right out and brings joy to the taste bud - and is a delightful surprise. In short, they're Super Cookies!

A Day of Rest: Granola Carob Sesame Cookies
These super crunchy cookies combine two recipes—our buckwheat granola, and carob coconut and seed cookies. The combination is delightful.

Trees, Trees, and More Trees: Frozen Banana Nutmeg Pie
This pie has an eggnog-like flavor, and it can be whipped up in about ten minutes - a big plus. Make sure you leave several hours for it to freeze. It holds together so beautifully that it can be cut into thin slivers for those wanting to keep their weight in check, yet still indulge in a little taste of deliciousness.

: Easy Holiday Apple Pie
We're still in the deep freeze here in the Pacific Northwest, with more snow coming any hour, but apples we have in abundance, and the last of some ripe persimmons. Intuition suggested making a creamed sauce from a persimmon and banana to spread over the apple filling, then topping it all with shredded coconut.

A Grateful Harvest!: Blueberry Pudding
Berries are shown here, rinsed and drying in large cloth-lined bowls before being placed into containers to freeze. When the cold winds blow, we'll remember with gratitude the beauty of summer that produced such fruits.

Quintessential Summer: Blueberry Pie!
The pecan, coconut, and almond nut crust for this pie is nearly foolproof, perfect for non-bakers like me. The slightly chunky texture brings the most satisfying crunch and flavor that complements the smooth and silky filling from the blueberries. And one of the pie's best features is that it sets up without any baking!

Food Allergies: Amazing Berry Sauce with Bananas
We're crazy about this new breakfast: berry puree over bananas, with a touch of creamy almond milk, and some of our buckwheat granola. The berries are a welcome gift in the middle of winter, filled with mouth watering, sun-colored flavor.

Less is More: Berry Cherry Pudding
These fruit puddings are so incredibly easy to make, and taste amazingly delicious. Simply blend the blueberries, and add in whole fruits for glorious color and texture. Serve for breakfast, a snack, a cooling summer meal, or as a dazzling, sugar-free, ever so natural dessert.

Dessert for Dinner!: Banana Bread with Pears and Cream
Banana bread, teamed with seasonal sliced pears, cashew cream, and sprinkles of nutmeg and cinnamon, makes for a perfectly decadent, yet healthy, dinner! Learn how to make this treat now, and be ready for the holidays!

Adjusting to Changes: Applesauce-Blueberry Crumble
Applesauce-Blueberry Crumble is a delightfully delicious, rich and filling, sugar-free, guilt-free, wholesome dessert to serve your family, or bring to festive events. Fresh apples are made into a chunky applesauce with Black Mission figs, then covered with a thick layer of blueberry sauce, with a final topping of crunchy date-nut crumble.

Kitchen Yoga: Everyday Applesauce
Thoughts of apples with cinnamon drifted into my awareness. Ah... some fresh and wholesome applesauce, so simple and such a lovely treat. I gathered the apples, dates, lemon, cinnamon, and cashews, and put them out on the counter by the food processor and got the utensils—the knife, cutting board, and pretty bowls to put the finished applesauce in.

Warming Food: Apple Crumble and Persimmon Sauce
Nuts, apples, spices, and persimmons make for a delightful meal or dessert. Warmed in the dehydrator for an hour, it’s much like apple pie, fresh from the oven!

Improvise: Apple Blackberry Pie with Blueberry Sauce
This is an end of the summer pie that I made for my birthday celebration using seasonal blackberries, juicy fresh apples, and a blended blueberry sauce. The fruits were quickly assembled atop an easy to make date nut crust that complemented the berries perfectly.

Walking the Earth: Almond Cookies with Blackberry Glaze
These chunky nut cookies are topped with a glaze of seedless, satiny-smooth, blackberry puree. And when the cookies are dehydrated for an hour or so, the glaze thickens to form a delightful taste and texture. Be sure to eat them warm, right out of the dehydrator, with some succulent, warmed blackberries on top!

In Your Dreams: Banana Ice Cream
This luscious desert is so easy to make and tastes so good it's hard to believe it isn't sinful! And you can eat all you want. Served with raw cookies, this recipe almost becomes a whole meal! The ice cream is made from frozen bananas - that's all!

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