The Art of Intuitive Eating
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The Salt Conundrum: Delicious Celery Salt
Celery - it's bountiful with natural sodium in a form that the body can utilize, and itÂ’s so easy to transform the green stalks into a powdery salt substitute that tastes delicious.

Condiments: Pickled Ginger Beets
Liver cleansing beets and anti-inflammatory ginger are marinated in apple cider vinegar and pickling spices to create this zestful condiment that is tangy, spicy, and just a little bit sweet. Ginger beets make a delicious and visually stimulating component to any salad.

Creative Cycles: Cranberry Juice, Sauce, and Dessert!
It's cranberry season, and these healthy, tart berries can be eaten in many ways. Right now we're enjoying them in juice with apples and pears; as a beautiful holiday sauce; and as a topping for a light dessert of sliced pears.

Staying Raw: Mango Peach Chutney
Spicy Mango Peach Chutney For our easy chutney recipe, mangoes and peaches combine with ginger, raisins, and other spices to make a wonderful, chunky chutney to spoon on top of your favorite foods for a mouth-watering treat!

Spices to Warm the Heart: Spicy Mango Chutney
A small dollop of this aromatic and golden condiment - with a texture that is both velvety smooth and chunky - is delicious over seed cheese, flatbreads, or fruits like apples or pears, adding delightful and surprising flavors.

Moving Through Resistance: Sesame Veggie Salt
The rich orange color of this Sesame Veggie Salt looks beautiful against the various greens in a salad. Use it in sauces or dressings for instant taste and texture, sprinkle onto a sandwich, or into soup. Crudites have never tasted so good!

Heavenly Infusion: Rosemary Oil
The flavor of the oil works beautifully with the flavors and tastes of Thanksgiving. When I see the finished product, it brings on a special feeling of gratitude. Drizzle over your favorite foods and enjoy the gifts of rosemary. Try rubbing some of the oil into your skin - you may feel a warm glow, and you will smell delicious too!

Sharing Life: Celery Lemon Salt and Orange Zest Powder
A recipe using celery and lemon to create a delicious salt substitute. Celery has an abundance of natural sodium. We keep this mix on the table to liberally sprinkle on our salads and veggies.

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