The Art of Intuitive Eating
Mango-Spinach Green Smoothie
You’ve probably heard it said, to "get your greens on!". Mango-Spinach Green Smoothie delivers sweet delicious taste, with a very mild green flavor—so it’s easy to drink in all that green goodness! And like most recipes on The Healing Feast, it takes only minutes to prepare. Enjoy the creamy, velvety texture from the mango, and the energy boost that mineral rich green smoothies bring.

Mango-Spinach Green Smoothie Experiment with other kinds of greens that are your favorites, such as kale, chard, dandelion greens, or collards. Use less of these stronger tasting greens if you’re not yet a fan. Starting with smaller amounts of milder greens like spinach or baby mixed lettuces is a good way to begin a lifelong green adventure!

Ingredients: Serves 2
4 cups baby spinach
3 cups pure water
1 large mango
2-3 bananas

Rinse greens with pure water. Put into blender.
Peel mango, and slice off pit. Add to blender.
Peel bananas and break into chunks, and put into blender.
Pour in water, and blend on highest speed until smooth and creamy.
The Little Story: Listening to my Teeth!
Several years ago we posted a recipe for silica tea for teeth, made with nettles, oatstraw, and horsetail herbs. I drank it, but didn’t keep drinking it, and let this practice fall away. Then we came across oil pulling, but I didn’t like doing it, even though I felt it would be good for me, I let that opportunity pass too. Little did I know that an infection was brewing deep in the root of a certain tooth that would escalate into a full blown crisis.

Three summers ago I was in the process of a complete tooth restoration, removing all the old fillings and replacing them with composites or cerec crowns. The mercury fillings we so old that tiny fissure cracks had developed, allowing miniscule bits of food to get down under the fillings, and over time, unbeknownst to me, decay had begun in many of the teeth. One day at the dentist’s, a tooth was being worked on and it was not in good shape. Dr. Borneman said it crumbled as he drilled, and he had to drill out the whole inside, all the way down to the root. He put in a little buffer pad so the root wouldn’t be so impacted when I chewed, but the tooth remained in trauma.

I worked hard to heal it with laser light treatments, energy work, our diet, and herbs for the bones. Yet that tooth was always tender, and putting any pressure on it would make it hurt. I lived with the discomfort. I wouldn’t give up on the tooth because I wanted it to heal, and I was sure I could make it happen. Then, four months ago it became more tender, and my energy was on the low side. I thought I must have bit down on something, and began some oil pulling, and a special dental care program with essential oils and tooth soap (see below), and it helped for awhile.

Two months later I started to have some pain. Then serious pain. But only from 3:30-8:30 in the day, and then it would stop! My sinuses were congested and we thought it was a sinus infection that was impacting on that tooth. It had us baffled. Two naturopaths and another healer I go to couldn’t figure it out either. I resisted the idea of going to the dentist for fear of an extraction, and remained determined, being so sure I could tough it out.

Rebirth We used everything that we could think of to help and after two weeks I was making progress. I thought I’d passed the crisis, and healing would surely come. Then it came back full force, and after enduring all that pain that had started 6 weeks prior, I finally called our holistic dentist in desperation. They had me come in immediately, and an X-ray soon showed the cause. That tooth was dead, causing a massive infection, and the right sinus was totally impacted. I immediately realized that no level of heroics could have saved it and it had to come out.

Once the tooth was removed, Dr. Borneman found that the infection had gone into the bone and it had to be scraped and drilled out. It was all very traumatic! For all those weeks I’d been on liquids and blended meals, as chewing was too painful. Smoothies and juice were my mainstays. Only now, in the last few days, I’ve started eating soft foods, along with green smoothies, juices with greens, green powders, herbs, and Living Silica (see below) to help remineralize and rebuild my teeth and bones.

So the question is, had I listened and taken action as my intuition was telling me to do years ago, could all of this have been avoided? The cause for the infection was discovered to be from a virus I contracted long ago that had remained in my body. Oil pulling can remove bacteria, viruses, and tiny parasites—and if I’d overcome my dislike for doing it, I might never have known that a virus was in there creating havoc.

This is so often the way it is with inner guidance—we’ll often never know that a big boulder in our future is being painlessly removed, just by listening and taking action!

I know now more than ever that listening and responding immediately is utterly vital for my health and well being. To do what I am guided to do when the information first comes, and not wait or put it off. And to yield, to go with life’s flow, and to not let fear stand in my way. I wish I could have done just that, or gotten in to see the dentist months sooner than I did.

Now what seems important is to live in the moment, looking toward the future, at what’s deep within my soul that wants to be expressed. Like a rebirth, there is now an opportunity to make life better, filled with love, and healing, and health.

Our Favorite Tooth Products, and a Green Smoothie Documentary
Living Libations: Healthy Gum Drops, Yogi Tooth Serum, Neem Enamelizer, Smart Floss. The essential oils are expensive, but only a couple of drops are needed, so they last for a surprisingly long time.

Living Silica: I love this product—I started to notice good changes within a few weeks of taking with improvement in nails and body strength. Use alone or with the silica tea.

Powered by Green Smoothies: This is a documentary by Sergei Boutenko, showing the benefits that green smoothies had on a selection of athletes during a period of six weeks. The participants had blood tests taken before and after the trial period to see how much improvement had taken place. They were also instructed to not change anything in their diet (all ate a conventional diet), or their daily workouts. Their personal gains were due to the ingesting of green smoothies.

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