The Art of Intuitive Eating
Rex came up with this brilliant and inspired idea to make tabouli with raw hemp seeds in place of cooked wheat bulgar. This delicious, protein rich dish is made with lightly soaked hemp seeds (these have 5 grams or protein per tablespoon), tomatoes, parsley, lemon juice, green onions, garlic, and olive oil. These are the same ingredients that are in the classic tabouli made with couscous or bulgar, without any of the downside assocated with eating wheat. I've missed having tabouli, and now it's back in our lives!

Rawbouli The texture is almost the same as wheat tabouli, and we actually prefer the taste of our Rawbouli. We've eaten it at room temperature, and also warmed just a little which brings out the flavors beautifully.

Ingredients: serves 2-4
1/2 to 3/4 measured cup dry hemp seeds, soaked for 30-60 minutes
1 cup tomatoes, chopped
1/4 cup parsley, minced
4 tablespoons green onions, finely sliced
4 tablespoons lemon juice
2-4 tablespoons olive oil
8 basil leaves, minced
Avocado slices for garnish
Cucumber rounds for scooping, optional

Soak hemp seeds in pure water for 30-60 minutes.
Drain and rinse well. Then drain thoroughly and transfer to a bowl.
Cut tomatoes into small bite sized pieces. Add to bowl.
Finely slice the green onions, and mince the parsley, and basil. Add to bowl.
Add oil and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly.
Slice optional cucumber rounds.
Transfer tabouli to serving bowls. Place cucumber slices around outer edges and garnish with avocado slices.

The Little Story: Inspiration
Inspiration comes from so many unexpected places! Just this morning I was wondering what I was going to write about for The Little Story. Then I saw on the Cleanse America 7 Facebook page (available to those who have signed up) that one of the members was dedicating himself to drinking 120 oz. of green juice a day—that's basically a gallon! His intention really sparked something in me, and since we had a huge amount of greens in the fridge, I juiced most of them up on the spot. Then I sat down to write this story, sipping on my powerful green juice, feeling the surging energy in my body, realizing that I'd been inspired by that post, and that what I wanted to write about was inspiration.

For me, inspiration works like this: It leaps from one to the other, like fire that catches my spirit within and ignites me into action. Inspiration can come from anywhere—a pet, the fragrance from a flower, a smile from a stranger, hearing a musician singing on the sidewalk, seeing mounds of abundant fruits and veggies at the farmers market, soaking up the love during a family get-together, looking at a beautiful piece of art, or through any of a thousand other ways.

Inspiration thrives in the creative, spiritual, and artistic realms. Like intuition, inspiration has its own unique signature. Catching these waves and riding them is one of my greatest passions. It makes life a joy to live.

Intuition and inspiration thrive in our raw food kitchen, where food creations that enhance health are brought forth daily from the fresh ingredients we are so blessed to have. These become living creations—juices, soups, salads, smoothies, and more—inspired meals, like Rawbouli, that enhance the gift of life!

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Our lives,
so seemingly small,
ripple out
to the whole universe
as tiny whispers
like the sounds
of butterfly wings,
and the clear voice
of the living truth.
The Healing Feast is about:
healthful practices,
following our intuition,
& eating life-giving foods.

It's about:
transformation, joy,
inspiration, peace, gratitude,
and soulful beauty.

It's about:
living a life filled
with abundance and love,
& giving what is the best
within ourselves to the world.
"A smile from the heart is a gift to receive."